Sunday, May 18, 2008

Stressed Out?

No Time to Plan Meals?
I know the feeling. You must report to work ontime tomorrow (and every subsequent) morning to stay gainfully employed. But in order to make it all hang together you MUST eat satisfying foods consistently!

Concerned about the cost of eating well? Help is on the way! Easy does it.

DO NOT OBSESS about this. You need adequate (and good tasting) nutrition to stay afloat physically and mentally. Following these steps will result in a trim body and full stomach without busting your budget!
Upon rising drink 1 quart of water (cool is okay but not cold) while getting dressed. Do not brush your teeth until the water is consumed!

This will "hold" you (you must wait 45 minutes after you drink the water before eatting).
Make a breakfast drink before leaving the house.

*Blend a quick fruit smoothie
made of fruit juice and banana(s) - at least 2
or other available soft fruit such as strawberries - a handful or peeled orange(s) -1 0r 2
or kiwis -1 or 2 before dashing out the door
(with bottled smoothie in hand - to be consumed 45 minutes after drinking the water)!

Vary the type of juice and fruit often
EAT ONLY additional dried or fresh fruit if you need something more for breakfast.

Lunch: Think ahead of what you can put together of the following:
A quickly prepared fresh green salad - about 8 ounces
(use salad ingredients you have in the refrigerator)
purchase at a convenience or fast food store - keeping the cost low.
Add a small can of tuna or the seafood/cracker combos.
Add mixed nuts or packaged snacks.
Any combination of leftovers (1 cup) with fresh chopped veggies
(lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.) and/or nuts.

Dinner: Start hearting or cooking it when you get in the door.
Rice (leftover or freshly prepared)
Sauteed vegetables
(your choice of onions, peppers, carrots, chopped greens, etc.)
sauteed in a pat of butter (this is key).
Add chopped meat or fish of your choice
(freshly prepared or leftover) - just enough to flavor the rice!
Beans and Rice with chopped fresh veggies lettuce, (onions, tomatoes, carrots, etc)
Any leftover combination with the veggies.

Remeber to drink several more glasses of water during the day.
You need the equivalent of 1/2 gallon pure water every day
(a gallon of water filtered by reverse osmosis is $.30 in my area if you fill your own)
to adequately bathe your cells!

Inch by Inch - Its a Cinch!
A friend uses this adage often। Sounds corny but it is true! The key is to not let yourself get hungry. I will give you simple recipes and the essentials needed to prepare them in my next post.

Get started today and bon appetit!

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